Wellness II Lounge
Seating 4 Seats + Swim Area
Capacity 5000L | 1321 US Gal

Play Pkg (One River Jet)
Performance Pkg (Two River Jets)
Performance Plus Pkg (Three River Jets)

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Play Package

1 River Jet
Resistance Exercise Bands optional
Rowing Bars optional
Swim Tether optional

Performance Package

2 River Jets
Resistance Exercise Bands included
Rowing Bars included
Swim Tether included

Performance Plus Package

3 River Jets
Resistance Exercise Bands included
Rowing Bars included
Swim Tether included
Acrylic Colors

Sterling Silver

Cabinet Finishes

Unstained Cedar




Clear Satin

Synthetic Skirting


Slate Cabinets

Stone Brown

Desert Sand

Mountain Grey


Color Selector

Swim, Relax, Repeat. Swim, Relax, Repeat.

The Wellness II Lounge has the same positive health benefits ts as the Wellness II (non-lounge), except it comes standard with a non-float lounger and powerful deep-tissue massage jets. You can swim against a resistant current produced by powerful River Jets then connect exercise bands and row bars to make an intense workout. Lay back and relax in the integrated lounge seat to begin resting your muscles after a complete workout. The Wellness II Lounge has a full-sized swim area and has been engineered to take up as little room as possible in your backyard or fitness room. Begin your future of healthy living and exercise that you’ll actually look forward to completing everyday in your Wellness Swim Spa.

  • Exercise Equipment Ready

  • Commercial-Grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration

Spa Comforts

Hand Controls Plush Headrests
Safety Light Beverage Holder
Thread-In Jets Anti-Slip Textured Floor
Ergonomic Seating Multi Level Seating
Non-Float Lounger Recessed Jetting


Powerful and Efficient Pumps Gate Valves
Vacuum Formed Enclosure*** Oversized Plumbing
Barb & Clamp Plumbing Titanium Heater


Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System
Remote Monitoring and Control Ready Programmable Filtration Cycles


Bottom Moisture Protection Coast Guard Corners
Freeze Protection Energy Saver Cover


Steel Reinforced Acrylic Shell Hand-Made Cabinets
Partial Foam Insulation
Specs and Options
Hot Tub Specifications
Seats 4 Seats Plus Swimming Area
Jets 19 Jets | 22 Jets | 27 Jets
Dimensions 384 x 229 x 135 cm
151 x 90 x 53 ”
Spa Volume 5000 L | 1321 US Gal
Dry Weight 2101 lbs | 953 kg
Filled Weight 13126 lbs | 5954 kg
Pumps North America 19 Jets [4HP + 3HP Power Pumps]
22 Jets [2x 4HP + 3HP Power Pumps]
27 Jets [4x 4HP Power Pumps]
Pumps International 19 Jets
22 Jets
27 Jets

Due to our continuous improvement programs, Wellness Spas® may make product modifications and enhancements. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product pictured may include options beyond standard equipment. Check with your local dealer for the most current product specifications. Spa colors may appear different on your screen. Jet quantity, style and placement in images do not necessarily represent actual current spa model offering. Please see your local Wellness Spas dealer for more information.

Customize With More Features

Your Hot Tub | Swim Spa should be able to fit your lifestyle. The below customizations are available to add onto your hot tub. For each option you can click on "details" and get information and photos on all available options.

Catagory Feature Optional


Air Blower + 18 Jets details Yes
Blue Accent Tile and Tile Swim Line details Yes
Swim Tether and HarnessWellness Swim Spas Only details Yes
Exercise Bands details Yes
Rowing Bars details Yes


28 bulb LED details Yes
Perimeter Waterline Lighting details Yes
Xtreme LED w/ Lit Hand Controls details Yes


Bluetooth MP3 Waterproof Dock with Remote details Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers details Yes
Touch Screen Controlled Bluetooth details Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers details Yes
Hands-Free Bluetooth Stereo with Microphone details Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers details Yes
Audio Boost
Upgrade to Four Flushmount Speakers details Yes
Upgrade to Four Retractable Speakers details Yes
Add Subwoofer details Yes
Add Extreme Subwoofer details Yes


O3 One Plus Ozone details Yes
Add Crystal Clear Purification Chamber details Yes
EcoClean Salt Water System with O3 One Ozone details Yes
UV Sterilzer System with O3 One Ozone details Yes
Exclusive Refreash Switch details Yes


LCD TV with DVD Player and Pivoting Mounting Arm details Yes
includes DVD Player details Yes
includes Four Flushmount Speakers details Yes
Add Four Retractable Speakers (replaces Flushmount) details Yes


WorldWide Spa Remote - Tablet/Phone App details Yes

Exterior Upgrades

Slate Corners (for Synthetic Cabinets Only) details Yes
Lit Slate Corners (for Synthetic and Slate Cabinets Only) details Yes
Luxury Slate Cabinets details Yes
Add Two Teir Slate Steps details Yes

Exterior Lights

Exterior Light SconcesRequires Extreme Lighting Package details Yes
Holographic LED Lighting (N/A with Slate Cabinet) details Yes

Energy Efficiency

Insulation: Partial Foam details Stn
Insulation: Full Foam details N/A
Winter Foam Package Yes
Eco Air Vents details Yes
Cover Color Upgrade details Yes

*Features and Options are subject to change without notice. Please check with your local Wellness Spas Dealer for current line/model offering

More Info

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If you need additional information, your Wellness Spas® Dealer would be more than happy to assist you in discovering the answers to any remaining questions that you may have.

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